Grand Chapter Officers


Enoch Mobley, KYCH
Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Walter P. Russell, KYCH
Rt. Ex. Deputy Grand High Priest

Craig Hall
Rt.Ex. Grand Treasurer

Elton L. Lewis, KYCH
Rt.Ex. Grand King

DaRon Mosley
Rt.Ex. Grand Secretary

Peter J. Bruton, KYCH
Rt.Ex Grand Scribe

Appointed Officers

Rev. Ernest Powell – Ex. Grand Chaplain

Rev. Henry Ely – Grand Chaplain Emeritus

Lynwood Loper, 32°, KYCH – Grand CCFC              

Willie E. Bowman – Grand State Lecturer     

Richard W. Stewart – Asst. Grand State Lecturer

Kirk Hammond – Grand Instructor            

James Minus – Asst. Grand Instructor   

Carl Finerson – Grand Conventions Coordinator

Byron Willis – Asst. Grand Treasurer

Rev. Stanley Jones – Asst. Grand Chaplain

Flemon Lewis – Grand Captain of the Host

Markeith McCarthy – Grand Principal Sojourner

Jerome Harris – Grand Royal Arch Captain

Herbert Meekins – Grand Master of the 3rd Vail

Peter Pilgram – Grand Master of the 2nd Vail    

James Jones – Grand Master of the 1st Vail      

Michael Griffin – Grand Sentinel

Kendall Moore – Grand Organist

Willie Parlor – Grand Medical Director

Charles T. Maxwell – Chairman of the Jewel Contest

Gerald Dixon – Grand Chairman on Education

Wesner Pierre – Grand Technology

Kenall Moore – Grand Legal Advisor