Grand Chapter Officers


Elton L. Lewis, KYCH
Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Peter J. Bruton, KYCH
Rt. Ex. Deputy Grand High Priest

Tito George
Rt.Ex. Grand Treasurer

Andre Reed
Rt.Ex. Grand King

Canary Williams
Rt.Ex. Grand Secretary

Craig Hall
Rt.Ex Grand Scribe

Rev E.L.Powell
Rt Ex Grand Chaplain
Appointed Grand Officers 
Grand Captain of the Host  Williams Wims
Grand Principal Sojourner David Dixon
Grand Royal Arch Captain   Juan Vega
Grand Master of the 3rd Veil Herbert Meekins 
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil Cecil Carter
Grand Master of the 1st Veil Jessie Randle
Grand Sentinel   Stacey Kirbey
Grand C.C.F.C.   Jordin Chandler
Grand Parliamentarian   Jdge Matthew Stevenson
Grand Legal Advisor Rodney Edwards_Esq
  –Grand Recorder No Apointment This Year
  –Asst. Grand Secretary Valentino McBride
  –Asst. Grand Secretary No Apointment This Year
  –Asst. Grand Treasurer   Lamont Summerset
  –Asst. Grand Chaplain   Min. Ayrick Goosby
  –Asst. Grand Chaplain   Min. Otto Gomez
  –Asst. Grand Chaplain   Rev. Ronald Evans
  –Asst. Grand Chaplain   Rev. Stanley Jones
  –Asst. Grand Chaplain   Rev. Eddie Starlin
  –Asst. Grand Chaplain   Rev. Darin Bolden
  –Grand Chaplain Emeritus   Rev. Henry Ely
  –Grand Musician Rev.  Maurice D. Wilson
Grand State Lecturer Stanley Lamarre
  –Asst. Grand Lecturer  –  Zn1  Oliver Martin
  –Asst. Grand Lecturer  –  Zn2   Chad Brooks
  –Asst. Grand Lecturer  –  Zn3   Stanley Lamarre
Grand Instructor   Kirk Hammond
  –Asst. Grand Lecturer  –  Zn1 TBA
  –Asst. Grand Lecturer  –  Zn2   Willie Bowman
  –Asst. Grand Lecturer  –  Zn3   TBA
Chairman of the Jewel Contest No Apointment This Year
Chairman of Jeopardy Contest No Apointment This Year
Grand Education Chairman No Apointment This Year
Grand Webmaster Wesner Pierre
Zone 1 Burial Team RE DGHP Dr. E. Lewis
Zone 2 Burial Team RE Grand King P. Bruton
Zone 3 Burial Team RE Grand Scrib A. Reed
Grand Conventions Coordinator   Carl Finerson
  –AsstGrnd Cnvntns Coordntr   Henry Parker
Grand Photographers TBA
Appointed DDGHPs / ADDGHPs 
District 1 Aldric George
District 2 Clint Brown
District 3 Darrell Johnson
District 4 Morrisse Jasmin
District 5 Fletcher Williams
District 5A Arnold Zuniga
District 6 James Minus
District 7 Terry Lacey
District 8 Ronnie Rawls
District 10 Richard Stewart Jr.
District 11 Kirk Hammond
District 12 Lionel Sprave